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Couverture de livre (1 passage) ou calendrier (en 2 passages), alimentation de papier et réception de couverture automatique, pose de cartons manuelle.

This machine adopts resultant type automatic feeding system for paper and gluing, many pieces cardboard semi-automatic feeding, location and four sides wrap and press.

There are Features of accurate, quick positioning, beautiful finished products.

It is used to make perfect book covers, calendars, hanging calendars, files etc.

Adopting capacity touch-screen show and operate, can insure people operating machine more convenience and straight.

Feeding paper part, there is an automatic machine-stop device when paper overlaps and winds; it is better to remove the overlap and wind paper in time and keeps the machine running normally.

Paper gluing part, there is an automatic location device, it is better for paper location correction.

Paper feeding and positioning system adopt imported high-precise photoelectric control device to make the paper and cardboard location more accurate and stable.

The automatic four-edge folding machine adopts special automatic angle-repair, edge-repair to ensure the qualification of finished products.



Dispositif d'arrêt automatique de la machine quand il y a des chevauchements de papier.

Il est mieux d'enlever le chevauchement de papier à temps.

Dispositif d'emplacement automatique, ce qui est meilleur pour la correction d'emplacement de papier.

Dispositif de contrôle photoélectrique haute précision.

ML450S : Contre-colleuse rembordeuse semi auto, couverture de livre, calendrier

  • Modele


    Laize papier

    1000mm - 480mm

    Nombre maxi de cartons


    Grammage de papier

    80-200 g/m2

    Epaisseur de carton

    1mm - 5mm

    Format produit fini

    180x110mm - 800x450mm

    Vitesse maxi

    1800 p/h


    +/- 0,5mm

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